I'm going to begin my Jodhpur blog with some bits of knowledge I've gained in the past few days.

1. As you probably know, it is looked down upon- especially in rural/traditional Indian villages- for women to smoke and drink. At least in public.

2. The use of astrology is huge. There are "auspicious" days every year that are popular for weddings and other big events because they mean that things will work out. Also, parents who are trying to find suitable partners for their children will consult the stars in order to see if the children will be a good match. There have been many cases of a wedding being planned and subsequently canceled when the stars were consulted a few days before (or during) the wedding. Astrology also dictates what parents will name their children, what jewelry they wear, etc.

3. May 7 (my birthday) happens to be one of these auspicious days. It also happens to be the day that everyone in Rajasthan goes from house to house and is given opium to drink. Even the Maharaja (King) himself gives out this opium. So, I will have a very fun 23rd birthday in India!!



PS- I will have deeper musings and pictures as soon as I have an internet connection that is not in a random house with a man standing over me.


Pam said...

please put a ha! ha! ha! after that "having a fun birthday comment." Love you, mom

Laura said...

yayyyyyyyy, you're alive! sending my mom the link so river terrace as a whole can track your adventures...

Katherine said...

Opium? Interesting, Kali. I can't believe you'll be so far away from all of us on your birthday. Hope you're having an amazing time! Gchat as soon as you can.