un autre repas

Yesterday I learned that you can't substitute slivered almonds for walnuts when you are sauteeing. When slivered almonds burn it smells like burnt popcorn.

Today I learned that everyone loves my salads and my basmati rice. This was my first time to cook rice.

I'm basically ready for my debut as a suburban housewife.


the next Frank Stitt?

Just wanted my lovely readers to know that last night we had 10 people over for Arthur's birthday. It was more of a "fancy" dinner...candles lit, the real silver, etc.

What did we eat in this culinary capital of the world?

Chicken pate d'Alabama and mom's salad with clementines and almonds.


Berlin has some really cool bars. Here we are at one of them with P. Diddy's son, Adrien, and his roommate.

German wieners are the best!

Caro looks like the perfect German lassi in this picture!

Getting my wiener schnitzel on.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin



Heidi Klum's costume is seriously PERFECT. She looks like she walked right out of the Kumortuli neighborhood in Kolkata.
Pascal now introduces me as either:

1. Kali, a close personal friend of Barack Obama. (I play along with this one and add that I was his mistress when I lived in Chicago...)


2. Kali, she's a Princess from the state of Alabama. (No one gets this one so it's not that fun).

People like to hold French newspapers and magazines (which all have Barack's mug on the front) up to my face and say "are you ready to become a socialist country like us? Say hello to your next President!" Pascal asked me yesterday if I was ready for America's second "Black Tuesday?!"

Every French child I've talked to doesn't understand the difference between "Obama" and "Bama." Or, they at least think there is some link. Wrong! They've never heard of McCain, of course. When I attempt to start a dialogue with any foreigner about why Obama is awesome, this is (I kid you not) what I ALWAYS recieve: "McCain is so OLD!"

I can think of worse things. For starters, I find it pretty humorous that the most partisan and liberal senator in our country talks about change.

Mon Dieu!