Indian Ambassador visits Alabama with stops in Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery

Yours truly with Indian Ambassador to the United States, Meera Shankar. Tuesday at Innovation Depot.
Her visit was sponsored by the Alabama India Business Partnership and Computer Technology Solutions. She spoke to the AIBP and guests at the Space and Rocket Center Monday night and paid a visit to Governor Riley Tuesday morning before a dessert reception at Innovation Depot and lunch at the Museum of Art.

Shankar is the first career diplomat serving as Ambassador in over 20 years. She is committed to promoting economic ties between our state and India. Neat lady. Cool opportunity for me!

La Capitale du Cheval: Chantilly

Birmingham fashionista Meg Larussa gives a shout out to Chantilly and the Birmingham International Center. Tonight we'll be drinking some newly-arrived Beaujolais Nouveau and hear from Steve Sirls of the American Friends of Chantilly ( a non-profit based in Nashville.)

Check out her blog here


Mardi Gras

Today I received in the mail...

1. My Brazilian visa

2. The new Economist magazine whose cover proclaims "Brazil takes off"

Is this coincidence?!

I just happened to track my passport that I sent off November 4th, and it happened to say "available for pick up."
So I rushed out to the mailbox, still in my bathrobe at 4 p.m. (hallelujah) and THERE IT WAS.

My lovely express-mailed package bearing my passport and new visa.
Followed by what is usually one of my favorite moments in the week- the arrival of The Economist.
This is meant to be!

I can't wait to see if Carnival in Rio tops Mardi Gras in NOLA. I have my doubts, that's for sure.
In the case that Rio wins, check ya later, because I'm never coming home.


Vino Veritas

Malbec from Mendoza is amazing.
I'll be there from Dec. 17- Jan. 14 (unless I don't come back.)

Who has Argentina stories, travel advice, contacts down there, etc. to share?