Rahul's mom. She and her daughters kinda took me hostage in their house, gave me a bindi, did the head thingy, gave me a necklace and bracelet and koji (sp?) eyeliner (it's like kohl.)

So, this is me post laying out in the desert, listening to Buffett and pretending to be at the Florabama.

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M@ri said...

Oh my God, I had the same experience in Gagadi about three years ago! :D Kidnapped for a "beauty treatment" and photos with the family - but it was fun! My husband played cricket with Rahul - he was the biggest cricket fan. Very interesting (and touching) to see you photos of them - and other familiar places and faces. I wonder if they ever received my photos of them (and me, and my husband)... I stumbled on your blog, but I think I have to read through it! :)