Pascal now introduces me as either:

1. Kali, a close personal friend of Barack Obama. (I play along with this one and add that I was his mistress when I lived in Chicago...)


2. Kali, she's a Princess from the state of Alabama. (No one gets this one so it's not that fun).

People like to hold French newspapers and magazines (which all have Barack's mug on the front) up to my face and say "are you ready to become a socialist country like us? Say hello to your next President!" Pascal asked me yesterday if I was ready for America's second "Black Tuesday?!"

Every French child I've talked to doesn't understand the difference between "Obama" and "Bama." Or, they at least think there is some link. Wrong! They've never heard of McCain, of course. When I attempt to start a dialogue with any foreigner about why Obama is awesome, this is (I kid you not) what I ALWAYS recieve: "McCain is so OLD!"

I can think of worse things. For starters, I find it pretty humorous that the most partisan and liberal senator in our country talks about change.

Mon Dieu!


Pam said...

why Obama is awesome???? were you being facetious or did you mean McCain? People are incredibly stupid...40% pay no income taxes, 60% do pay income taxes...but the top percentage pay a huge chunk...so these are the people that own businesses and employ people, so let's tax them more so that they will have to lay people off --their less skilled (read middle class) employees.
Now we have 50% not paying income taxes...our income tax base has gone down and...oh let's raise the rate on the 50% that pay income taxes because we need more revenue... It is incredible to me that people believe income redistribution is ok...I think that is called coveting what your neighbor has and God might have suggested that was a bad idea. As you know, I am all for charitable giving (and would be happy to compare my % against Obama's...why hasn't he given his poor family members half of his income, shouldn't redistributing start at home Barack?

Kali said...

Did you see Barack's skanky Aunt who's been living off guv-ment cheez in Boston?! He wrote about her in his memoir...and didn't know that she was living here illegally? WTF!!!

Kali said...

and "awesome" should have been in quotes.

The truth about Obama hasn't left America.

Pascal had never heard about Michelle Ladav'augh-nununf LaRobi'nson'shaia's thesis...and her bitterness towards her own country and white people. The divisive and ridiculous teachings of the inspiring Reverend Wright were news as well.

Something I hear a lot is "It's just so cool that America might elect a black person. France wouldn't do that."

Race is always a good reason to elect people!

Redistributing the wealth is going to have this result:

more flat screen TVs, hummers, and Starter jackets in the hood.