People who ride horses are the prettiest people in the world

Exhibit A:

This is my sweet future boyfriend Christian Ahlmann. I don't know if the attraction lies more in the fact that he looks plucked straight from the DKE or KA house, his Olympian horse-riding abilities or his bad-boy appeal (he got caught for doping his horse after the Equestrian Olympic Games in Hong Kong). I have basically decided that he and his high, horse-riding buttocks are meant for me. And my colleagues who know him agree. As my previous post notes, I'm not down with all the lovey-dovey bisoussssssss the Frenchmen are blowing my way; seeing a burly German drink pints of beer hits closer to home...in a good way.

You know, I just can't bring a dude who owns a hair dryer to Gallette's. But this guy, yes. And I have it on good word that he likes American women. Basically, I'm in like flin.

More to come concerning the looks of equestrians. I must go watch Christian jump to glory on his 10 year old gelding, Sebastian. A tout!


pam said...

Dadblastit, there is no picture of Christian, just a question mark where his finely chiseled buttocks should be...just my luck. Is it just me, or is he missing
for everyone?

pam said...

good news...Christian decided to make an appearance. Quite nice! But....is a man wh dopes his horse to be trusted...I think not.

Whitney T. said...

I think I will quote a line or two as my facebook status. This was better than any coffee jolt this morning.

Kali said...

PS- I am a loser and never even talked to Christian. I thought about following him to Vigo, Spain for this weekend's horse show. Alas, I decided to go to St. Emilion alone.

And I think you can trust a guy who dopes his horse. Just have to watch him order your drinks at the bar. But you know, some meds show up as illegal drugs. Classic Ex: adderall= cocaine.

pam said...

bisousssss...bisoussss...from Mom.
I love you!! Happy Valentine's Day!!
See you Moday in PARIS, yea!!!!!