How to earn money on the mean streets of Paris

Exhibit A is a lady I presume to be middle-aged who is dressed as a sheep (I think?) and dancing to bizarre music. She has no talent, which is probably one of the reasons she's wearing a mask. She picked a good location though...Pont Neuf at midday. Don't know if she made any money or was just gawked at...but it did give me ideas.

Second picture is of a fire twirler behind the Pompidou center...who I made friends with. Here's how it went down...
My English friend Carly calls me around dinner time and says "Hey I'm broke so I'm going to do a fire show. I need to go to a supermarket and buy some lighter fluid. Want to come?"

I would think this a strange idea, but coming from Carly it seemed normal. It would be like if Allie said "hey let's go hang out with homeless people and prophesize."

And considering the fact that I had nothing ELSE to do on a Friday night in Paris I said "sure let's do it."

Unfortunately we never found the lighter fluid. But we still had a fire show. Because our new friend pictured below had lighter fluid. And beer. Me and the Gothic French and Italian kids actually had a ball. We made no money. The night ended with an after-party at my good friend Louis' apartment in the Marais.


pam said...

So I don't know if I should be more concerned about you playing with lighter fluid, you befriending the guy with the green mohawk, the sheep with a bandana, or the French obsession with everything sex related.

Kali said...

The other day I was telling Fran├žois that you don't call as much now as you did when I was in India. "Well
she must be glad you're in France now and not India. It's less dangerous," he said.

Laughing I responded, "that all depends on what you consider dangerous."