Argentina Updates

Last night marks the second time I have been in a cab where the driver has passed out multiple times. The first time wasn´t as scary because we were in slow stop and go traffic. This time I was sharing a hot, foul-smelling, mosquito-infested car with a nice older couple, and our morbidly obese driver had evidently not slept in a very long time.

We were speeding down the interstate at 1 a.m. in two lanes...
My fellow passenger thought it was funny. ¨He drives like me,¨ he said.
I was about to ask him to pull over and let me drive. It was that bad. Once we were off the interstate, he decided that every red light would be power-nap time. The lights don´t stay red for long in Buenos Aires. There was a lot of nudging and seat kicking...and me wishing that I had a seatbelt. Seatbelt had been broken off...

When we arrived at our hotel, the brand new Be Hollywood in Palermo Hollywood, I said ¨you go back to your casa?¨ and made a sleepy gesture. He nodded. I really hope he made it. I must say that I was impressed with his ability to open his eyes when he heard passing cars.

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