All in a day

I rode a walking rickshaw. I said I'd never pay someone to walk for me(it is a rickshaw without the bike...just a skinny, barefoot man running with my little chariot.) So, I'm officially a hypocrite. When in Rome.

I saw another naked Indian man walking down the street today. Actually, he had a dirty black loincloth on, but his peter was still showing.

I ate Chinese food at a nice restaurant called Bar-B-Q. Almost puked it up when I saw naked Indian man.

I had my hair trimmed about 2 inches. Taking multivitamins and losing the blow dryer has it looking healthier than ever.

I'm leaving to go to Darjeeling in about an hour. From there I'll explore Sikkim, Bhutan and some other hill stations in NW Bengal.

Am I the first person to think that a Port-o-potty company would do really well in India?

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Pam said...

Kali's Port-o-Potty, inc. - you may have found your life's calling. Safe travels...I love you!!