Did I mention that I stayed in a brothel/ pay-by-the-hour institution in Nepal? Well, I did. On accident. Patricia and Iwent hiking around Kathmandu and were loving the serenity up in the mountains.  We met a nice lady who owned a guest house near the beginning of the trail.  We said ”what the heck, it’s cheap and the location is perfect.  Nevermind that it’s really run down and there is mildew on the walls.”

So, the next day we returned to spend out last 3 Nepalese nights on the mountain.

The next day Patsy is outside reading most of the day.  Around lunchtime we see a nice looking local couple come in.  Didn't think anything of it. Well, I retire to the room after lunch and Patsy continues reading outside. The couple checks out approximately 2 hours after they came. The man asked Patsy where she's from and who she's there with, etc. She says "my friend is asleep upstairs." Evidently she used a feminine pronoun, which left this guy looking a little perplexed. He decided to explain to her that this "Hill Resort"is THE place in Kathmandu to take your honey for a romantic rendezvous.  

This was confirmed throughout the next few days and nights.  Multiple times.

The last night at the guest house we had a shindig with the owners and their family.  And our taxi driver, Raju, who drove up from Kathmandu to spend the night b/c my bus left at 7am and he didn’t want to make me late.  

Raju is the one pouring the beer.  The little girl is the niece of the owners...she is proudly displaying one of many dance moves Itaught her. And the other is our "room," if you hadn't already guessed.

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