I play polo now. I haven't played a real game, of course. I've only practiced a total of about 4 hours. But I can hit the ball while galloping, which I think makes me legit. There is nothing like riding a horse full speed into the wind while balancing a mallet in the air, and then leaning half way out of the saddle to hit a little ball! Seriously. It is the best sport ever. Extremely physical, dangerous, stylish, doesn't last too long, and virtually everyone is good looking.


EB said...

Mcnutt, I have finally figured out how to comment! yayay You look so professional on that horse!! I have always wanted to learn how to play polo

Pam said...

Glad to see that we are now reaping the rewards for all the money we shelled out for horseback riding lessons.

macdaddy said...

Looking good! Polo over football? You need to come home.