this post should shed some light on where I get my "quirks."

Just an excerpt from Molly's post-UT win email. I didn't think that I'd be in France and living the Tide's freaking awesome season vicariously. But I am.

"Our fam is so superstitious it's truly hilarious. Hunter's lucky shirt he wears for every game is this Wal Mart bama shirt that looks somewhat like a jersey but it's got a collar on it. And he has to drink a certain type of Sweetwater beer before every game. Oh and Will's 70's style Bama toboggan is lucky as well...it has this white bunny tail looking thing on the top of it. He was wearing it when yelling back at the bitter Vols fan that was shouting at us about red clay and pine trees."



Pam said...

in the future...could we do a little photoshop before posting. I look like a pelican trying to swallow the great white whale! RTR

Will said...

I've also worn the same shirt every game


Lindsey said...

what's a great white whale?

macdaddy said...

You left out my red & white polka dotted boxers.

Allison said...