All Work, No Play

Jasdeep, my fellow American Gravis intern, has been begging me for an introduction on my popular blog. So, here is Jasdeep giving Rajendraji bunny ears. Jasdeep is an avid Barack Hussein Obama fan and an upcoming Junior at Duke University (majoring in engineering.) He enjoys playing soccer, taking pictures of rickshaw drivers, philosophizing, chugging mazaa, and criticizing me. Jasdeep's family is from Punjab, but he was born and raised in the great southern state of North Carolina (where he ate lots of BoJangle's.) Speaking of food, Jasman also loves Indian milk cake sweets and chai, MANGOES, and monkeys. Jasdeep has his own blog, which is considerably more "deep" and "meaningful" than mine...but is updated about 1/20th as often. The title of this post links to his blog. Another interesting fact about Jasdeep is that he has the tiniest computer I've ever seen.

Just today Jasdeep had a real in-depth insight into my life. "Kali, you would be a good housewife. I think you'd like it. You are good at gossiping and finding ways to make yourself busy. You are good at wasting time, too."

As you can imagine, this comment made me feel super special. He said he didn't mean it, but that he "feels more comfortable making fun of people than being nice." Or something like that. I have to give Jasdeep a little credit though...he listens to me babble ad nauseum about the drama and ridiculousness that is my life in Jodhpur.

Speaking of interns, we have a new one today. Mya, from Heidelberg. She did some research in Jodhpur last summer and now she's back for 2 months. She's a geography and english major and is probably going back to get her PhD next year.

The other two pictures were taken 2 days ago. The entire office, except me and Jasdeep, had an all-day meeting in the basement. When they emerged for lunch this is what we saw: Indrani's sketch of Roshanji at the meeting, and a fired up Rahul and Shailendra.

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Lindsey said...

BTW, how are your art lessons going?
And, why aren't you on Jasdeep's blog?