Yesterday was Lillian's 25th birthday, so we planned a little shindig at our old haunt, the Haveli Guest House. Cassie and Olivia (a chef and winemaker from South Africa who is staying at our friend Govand's guest house) made lots of yummy food, which we began setting up on the terrace. Within minutes we had attracted some hungry monkeys, one of which was particularly aggressive. He jumped on our table while we were sitting there and just started casually eating our masala mixed nuts. When we tried to kindly shoo him away, he showed his fangs and hissed, which was pretty scary. Then he started digging through my purse...luckily he only stole an empty plastic bag. Sarah, one of the new interns, thought that speaking French to the monkey would make him go away. I'm not really sure why...but here's a picture of Sarah speaking French to the monkey. I think he almost killed her. The other picture is of me trying to look calm but actually being pretty nervous that my monkey friend is about to pounce on me (it's happened before...only this monkey has open wounds, sharper teeth, and an erection.)

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Pam said...

I think that he likes you!