Ethiopian foodstalking aka Mom just drank a bottle of Benadryl

After my morning meeting, Pamcakes and I took a taxi out to the U corridor area. An Ethiopian cab driver had said there was a great Ethiopian restaraunt on the corner of 12th and U...better than the ones I'd read about in Adams Morgan.

So of course we had to go. I've been hearing great things about Ethiopian fare for a while. Even tried to eat Ethiopian with Molly in Tanzania to no success. Dukem, "the best Ethiopian food ever," as the menu says, was really good. Mom and I concurred on that. It had some of the familiar cardamom of Indian dishes but nothing was too spicy. It was served like many Indian dishes are served as well, on a big tin plate with smaller portions of many different things. We ate with our hands, using injera bread (which is like a thicker, softer dosa) as our scoops/utensils.

I don't know where mom went wrong, but it must have been her "spiced tea." A couple minutes into the cab ride to our next locale, she said she felt sick. Then i noticed her face was a little red. She got some Rolaids and used the Benadryl strip I had on hand. Neither worked, for by the time my next meeting had finished she had drunk 1/2 a bottle of Benadryl and had a tongue too swollen to talk!

On another somewhat foodie note, I've never seen as many Starbucks drinkers as I've seen here.
I've also never had such fun cab drivers. Ethiopian, Eritrean, Punjabi and Ghanaian- all very hard to understand, but full of laughter and good advice.

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