Friends and other randoms who read my blog religiously,

I half-way apologize for not being in blog-think mode as of late.
You know, you are either thinking as a writer/blogger...or you're not.
Kinda like taking pictures with the aim of putting them on Facebook versus
taking pictures where you look normal, boring and not 45% better than you normally do...
I've been doing the literary version of not sucking in, putting my chin down and using a coy, aloof grin.

Not that anyone has mentioned missing my postings. (Not even Mom).
But for myself I need to get back in the habit of writing...even if my most
adventuresome traveling takes place in Washington D.C. or revolves around Alabama
away games to places like Lexington and Oxford (both of which I'll probably miss by the way).

So here goes. It's midnight-ish here in Dupont Circle. My first trip to our nation's capital.
Which is pretty blog-worthy if I do say so myself. So far I'm quite impressed with this city.
Some of that has to do with the fact that the bridges crossing the Potomac closely resemble
those that cross the Seine. No coincendence considering a Frenchman by the name L'Enfant
helped design the city. I like roundabouts, too.

There is a lot of character here. And beauty. And I'm loving Kramerbooks
and Georgetown. Tomorrow I'm going to foodstalk an Ethiopian restaurant.

Updates to come...


EB said...

Why can't I vote for Nola for where Kalie should go next?!!!!

Laura said...

I foodstalked an Ethiopian restaurant in DC when I went to visit my cousin in 7th grade. My refined 13 year old palate was not digging it, maybe yours will do better.

Love love love DC for its Paris similarities.