Indian-theme movies I want to see! And other India chatter.

BBC.com had an article about movie makers portraying India in a different (read: less "slumdog") light as of late.
I want to see these.
I think the first one about Calcutta sounds particularly interesting.

Speaking of India, BIC had our first Int'l Business Afterhours of the season tonight.
Monty Newport, the Director of the Americas division of Command ALKON, was our speaker.
The technical stuff about the business (concrete, shipping, etc.) was not too interesting for me...
but I was interested to hear about their office in India and how market maturity affects the business they do there.
Basically, the company's sophisticated technology doesn't resonate in an Indian market where scaffolding is made from tree limbs and buckets of concrete are put on a pully...all done manually. And they mix their concrete on-site. But, when India's market "matures" it will be THE place to be for a company like Command ALKON. The infrastructure opportunities are huge as is the human capital. I wonder if they need a cross-cultural consultant???

Last India thing for the day:
I'm reading Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani, one of the founders of Infosys. Mom had picked it up for me a couple weeks ago...then I saw that Foreign Affairs listed it as THE book to read this year. It will make you want to invest in India. My Indian friend Rishi thinks it's too hopeful and doesn't speak enough about dalits. It is more of a city-man's viewpoint, not the view of most Indians. Which is probably true. This is a very Westernized, successful businessman who speaks of capitalism, democracy and potential. But the facts and figures you get and the picture of India...a country on the brink of great things...is pretty inspiring. If India can get its Northern population educated and use its human capital for good, I think its potential is unlimited. This book would be inspiring, informative and important for anyone planning to work in this global economy.

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subu.ps said...

came to your blog from bloggers choice awards. Felt nice to read your musings on India and about the book. Hope to read more!!