"And she painted my eyes and lips"

Sooooo...I took my first Indian art lesson! First I learned how to draw eyes, and then lips. Teacher says I'm better at lips. Probably because they are easier.

Drawing, or creating any kind of art, is something I've always considered myself worthless at. I can't even paint my own toenails. Since Ms. Thomason's "Eagle Eye Art" in kindergarten, I haven't given any time or thought to art- except art history, appreciation, and purchase. I feel like I can become decent at most anything I try, but art has always been out of my reach. And not only that. It intimidates me and pisses me off that I can't even draw stick figures. So I decided that I'm going to conquer the art world. Or at least become a better artist than Jackson Pollack.

The best part about this whole endeavor is that it's free! I don't think it is for everyone, but the teacher (whose work is amazing, btw) said that he "makes enough money selling art and art is his hobby so why charge?" He has exhibitions all over the world. Maybe there is hope for me after all!

It's crazy. In the past 2 months I think I may have learned more than I did in 4.5 years of college. (That's not a knock on Bama- it's an acknowledgment of me and my laziness. Roll Tide.) I've read about 7 books front to back, which is almost certainly more than I EVER read off of any teacher's reading list. India is my continuing education. We'll see if the reading continues once the internet connection is fixed at my host fam's house...


Casey Lord said...

kali! pollock was an incredibly talented artist, even if his work seems simple (it has hidden magic!) and was instrumental in the development of abstract art.

but i think your eyes are very good.

Pam said...

This is exciting, can't wait to see your first piece!

macdaddy said...

Nothing like real world experience. How about a refund?