My host family had some neighbors over the other night when I got home from work (around like 7 or 8...not for dinner b/c we don't eat dinner until 11:30...). Anyway, so one of them asked me, "Do you find India different from the US?"

In my head I was thinking, "Is this really a question that came out of his mouth?!"

So, I've compiled a list of differences and other nuances that I've noticed in the past month-ish. Enjoy.

1. The word "only" is added to sentences for absolutely no reason, all the time. It's not used as a command. I can't explain it, but it's annoying.
Me: I'm on my way home. I'm in a rickshaw.
Whoever I'm talking to: You are coming home only?

Whoever I'm talking to: You go to the store only, and then you go
to work only.
Me: I'll go wherev I want.

2. Bryl Creem is still advertised.

3. Bishnoi women (an OBC caste) breastfeed gazelles. I've said it before but it bears repeating, right?

4. No hunting is allowed in India.

5. Belching isn't gross. Actually it shows that you really enjoyed your food. I admit that I'm pretty gross and have the occasional fart/burp...but I've met some people who burp in one day more than I burp all year. Or at least more than I burp in 2 months- I'M NOT EXAGGERATING!! Oh, and it's always in public.

6. KFC is here. (Maybe everyone already knew this but me...)

7. Babies wear kohlish eyeliner. They say it's healthy. It gave me a sty. Whatev.

8. My backside (tailbone, to be exact) hurts really bad from sitting "indian-style" all the time. Like, it wakes me up in the middle of the night bad.

9. No toilet paper. Everyone knows this. But have you really, really thought about it?

10. Oh, and we don't eat dinner until after 10pm...sometimes approaching midnight. I'm going to have to start pulling a Gandhi and fasting because my metabolism is not cut out for this.

11. There's an "American" restaurant here called Uncle Sam's. In it are 2 posters. One of JLo circa Bennifer. The other of Brit-Brit circa when she was hot. Oh, and I had heard said restaurant had "good salad." Turns out salad is the word for pasta or anything else that isn't Indian/cooked in ghee/bread and borders on healthy. I'd kill for some romaine.

I'll think of more later. My autowallah (rickshaw driver) is here. I like saying "my driver" because who knows if I'll ever get to say that again in my life.


Jane said...


I enjoyed the fun facts about India. Gazelles? Really? That's...odd.
I hope your backside starts feeling better...maybe you can get one of those "donut" pillows to sit on?
Your photos are amazing. I especially love the ones of you and the ones of children, whose eyes are all so soulful.
Take care,

Mrs G only

Will said...


I finally got a gmail account so I could make a comment. Looks like you are having a good time (apart from the sunburn and lack of toilet paper). The gardens with the monkeys looks awsome, I hope I have the chance to see that in my life.

I've gotta say that some of the differences you speak of are great. I wish we still had Brylcreem, if we did then I would finally have a reason to grow a pencil-thin mustche and do some cruisin' too (listening to Buffett as I write).
Do they use this commercial?

Also, if they have KFCs then burping comes with the territory.

And finally, if you had a themed restaurant wouldn't you want it to be in the time period of Britney's hayday(sp?)? Life was so much more simple when she was hot. Now when a beautiful, young, "talented" girl comes into our lives through popular music we'll always think about how bad things can get instead of just enjoying their music video with mute turned on. Ahh, the good old days. (Side note, Brad said just be glad it isn't a English restaurant with pictures of Amy Winehouse all over it)

Be safe, and think twice before you stick a unsanitized needle through your ear in a foreign country.


Pam said...

loved all of your insightful observations...keep it up...they are fun!! Love you, Mom