This is Tippu Bai Ram and her husband, Peera Ram. Tippu Bai (65) is a fascinating lady who I got to interview last Friday. She has been a Village Health Worker with Gravis for the past 20 years and in that time has educated hundreds of people in her village, provided health care and referrals to Gravis' Tinwari Hospital, and seen changes in people's attitudes toward women, medicine, and children.

She was integral in the construction of a school for girls and has insured that all of her daughters and granddaughters receive good educations. Additionally, she advises the women of the village to get sterilized after having a few children. Her progressive views have upset more than a few people in her village (esp. men). Her husband, however, says that he has always supported her work. Hearing her speak reminded me of how intertwined all of the issues Gravis works with really are- health is related to education is related to women's rights is related to water security.


Pam said...

These are the kind of profiles that would be great in the annual report - very interesting -- she is an ordinary woman doing extraordinary work....it shows
why the work Gravis is doing and especially their support of women is so important!

Casey Lord said...

sounds like an amazing and very inspirational woman - id love to read your interview