do I make you proud?

So, there is an Indian Idol. And this is one of the contestants. I don't know if he's good or not or what he sang...but I do know that he was wearing a crushed purple velvet blazer a la Taylor Hicks. Presumably for good luck. So I took quite a few pictures of the television, which confused my host family a bit.

PS- has anyone seen ole Taylor lately around Lakeview?!?


PSS- How did he ever win American Idol?

PSSS- I think the dude that won this year is the best yet. Thoughts?


Lindsey said...
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Lindsey said...

Speak of the devil! Guess who was singing in front of the Capitol on the 4th?!?! That's right! The one and only Taylor Hicks shared the stage with Huey Lewis... I wonder which one was the headliner. Scott Hamilton was the emcee! Isn't that a hysterical combination of characters? You'll be shocked to know we didn't go to the show... But, as we were finishing our Capitol tour the dress rehearsal was going on and we were allowed to walk down in front of the stage. I'll send you pictures of that too. And yes, Aaron did yell "Soul Patrol" several times, but we never actually saw Taylor. Maybe Aaron didn't yell loud enough.
P.S. I re-posted my comment b/c I originally said Jerry Lee Lewis played too, and was told, "honey, Jerry Lee Lewis is dead. Did you mean Huey Lewis?" which I did, but as it turns out Jerry Lee Lewis isn't dead, and he did also perform! (http://www.pbs.org/capitolfourth/concert.html) But, I ruined any chance of redemption because I had already replied, "Oh yeah, my bad. Jerry Lee Lewis was like a boxer or something wasn't he?" clearly confusing Jerry Lee with Lennox Lewis, who is also not dead. For this I have no excuse.

Kali said...


I just caught this comment!!! Wonderful! To be honest I'm kinda in love with Taylor and Huey. When I met Huey in NYC 2 years ago, I basically attacked him and said "I'm playing 'Stuck with You' at my wedding."

His response: You have good taste little lady. (Or something like that...)

And after Kelly and Hunter's baby shower at Ross Bridge there was a Taylor siting at Oasis. By the time I was informed of this and made my way downstairs to the stage , he had left. I was convinced that if "he just meets me he'll ask me out..." Evidently I told lots of people this, too. WHY???