Dinner. Always too much food.


Lindsey said...

Looks interesting! I can make out a relish tray (your mom would be pleased), a bowl of rice, and what I think might be soup, but beyond that I am at a loss. It reminds me of the lunch buffet at Taj, when we had no idea what we were eating and I would just take a guess before I took a bite. The key is to not let the color of the food factor into your decision, but I still never knew what I was eating 80% of the time.
Do you like all of it? Is it better than Taj? Maybe I should give Taj a second try!

Pam said...

Do I see new potatoes, slaw, celery and tomatoes...I blew it up and that is what it look like..u just need a little cornbread and sweet tea.

Mimi said...

In most of your photos, the men seem to wear western looking clothes but the women are wearing saris.
Is that typical of all of India?

The food in this photo looks good. I hope you like it. If not, just let me know and I'll send you a jar of peanut butter.

Missing you,

Kali said...

what you didn't see was 1) mutton 2) subji (vegetables with spices) 3) daal (lentil soup) 4) chopati (bread) 4) bengali milk sweets (I'm not a big fan...you bite into a donut-hole type thing and out comes some liquid) 5) curd (or yogurt...I try to avoid it even though it's good for digestion...it's better when I put 4 tablespoons of sugar in it) 6) I think there was more...but I was pretty delirious and don't remember.