More Fort

OK, so this picture doesn't look that exciting, but it's kinda cool because:

1. I just really like whitewashed walls.
2. I don't think that alcove is the right word...but each little alcove used to have a candle lit inside. Pretty.
3. The big alcove at the top just looks like a random hole, but that little screen at the top connects to a secret walkway on the other side. The screens allowed the women to listen in to what the men were discussing in meetings, without being seen.

Speaking of not being seen, purdah was enforced within the Fort, which influenced much of the architecture. There is very intricate lattice work on many of the upper floors. From the ground, you can't see inside the Fort; however, the women could see down at what was going on in the courtyards. I'm starting to understand why some women might actually enjoy purdah...the men are a little out of control here.

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