The best part of my day.

The first few weeks at my host family's house I was unaware that Dadi has a pet cat. Rangoo(n) is her name and she is the child of a stray cat who Dadi used to feed. "One day the cat found a lover and had kittens in Dadi's bathroom," Uncle told me. Uncle didn't want the cats in the house, so Dadi kept them on the roof. Evidently wild cats don't like to eat, and this anorexia led three of the four cats to die. Rangoo(n) was the sole survivor.

I don't know if it's visible from this pic (because Rangoo(n) is in a straw sack) but she looks really young. She is a year old. And, like her late siblings, she doesn't like to eat. So every night Dadi puts her in a sack, ties her to the kitchen door, and force feeds her. Next time I will get a video because this is the funniest sight EVER.

Uncle just shakes his head, "It's a damn cat."

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Lindsey said...

I love this picture!! I think I would love your Indian grandma. Please get video of this if you get a chance!
Love you,